Missions and Evangelism

Missions and Evangelism - Naftaly Muthuuri

The Missions and Evangelism is coordinated by Naftaly Muthuuri. He was a coordinator of Discipleship in Moi University Christian Union. He is a dentist and is married to Evelyne sayo. Mission and Evangelism is one of the key pillars of the Ministry. Over the years the ministry has organized many missions. This year 2018, God gave us the vision to reach out to Kathwana Market and its environs. This is place where the ministry is located. We have had three missions, one in the month of April, June and August 2018. Through these Evangelism by the grace of God we have witnessed many souls being won into the Kingdom of God.The Mission entailed door to door, Crusades and Revival meeting and which culminated with mass water baptism for the new believers. This Gospel will be preached to every part of the world and the end will come.